We are 100% focused on making computer support EASY|SAFE|ECONOMICAL for you.

  • Highly-trained, US-based technicians with over 25,000 man-hours of experience
  • No long term contract required - choose the payment option that fits your need

Our Vision and Mission:

At Tinker.Help, we envision a world where technical computer issues are solved immediately and remotely without impacting productivity.

Our team of experienced technicians are committed to quickly solving every problem we encounter using state-of-the-art remote support.

Where We Started

Tinker began as a simple computer repair service focused on providing house calls. While we quickly became trusted and recommended throughout the local community, we realized that our service was inherently limited - we could only help people that were reachable by our technicians. In an effort to help anyone in need of computer support, we transitioned to online and remote computer repair solutions. This allows us to provide technical support and education to anyone, regardless of distance.

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Our Team

dror kinel

Dror Kinel


Dror is a highly-skilled technician with many years of technical experience in managing and repairing computer-related issues.

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Gali Kinel

Gali Kinel


Gali manages excellence in communication and community outreach to ensure the best experience for every user.

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Ryan Aboueljoud

Ryan Aboueljoud

Manager, Technical Execution

Ryan is a programmer and computer technician with a passion for helping people solving their computer-related issues.

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Tech Support Team

Our Support Team

Technical Support Staff

Our team is 100% focused on putting our customers first and solving their problems remotely and quickly.

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