Why invest with Tinker.Help?

Online Computer Help is a growing industry

With a focus on working from home, more and more people are providing their own IT support with often frustrating outcomes. The market for online computer help is thriving.

Work from home has changed the dynamic of the workplace

Work-at-home has grown by 173% since 2005 - 11% faster than the rest of the workforce. Telecommuting in the US has seen a 115% increase in the past decade. Remote work is rising in popularity every year and is likely to continue growing.(Source: GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com)

Tinker has the experience necessary for success

With over 10,000 man-hours of IT Support experience, the management and technicians at Tinker.Help are perfectly poised to lead the remote computer service.

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We Protect Customer Privacy

Remote computer repair is just as safe as in-person computer repair and can be considered even safer because:

  • There's no need to drop off a device at a store repair store
  • There's no need to to let a stranger into the home
  • Customers see everything our techs do in real-time
  • Customers can end the session whenever you want

We Provide Socially-Distant Service

Tinker.Help provides a wide range of services for PCs and MAC computers and saftey is a priority. By using our efficient, remote computer help service, we ensure customer safety because:

Our technicians do not need to visit the home

Our technicians work from our US-based office and assist customers using an internet connection - we will not require access to a home.

There is no face-to-face contact

By solving problems remotely, there is no face-to-face contact required, limiting exposure to unknown elements.