Frequently Asked Questions

You want the best solution for your technology needs. We want to make sure you feel safe and supported by us as we work together to solve your trickiest challenges.

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Privacy & Safety
What is "remote access" and is it safe?
When you open a ticket, our technician may ask you to enable "remote access" on your device. Remote access allows our technician to see your screen and to use his or her mouse to make the changes you will need to fix your problem. You will see everything that they are doing on your screen, real time. You will always have the power to end remote access at any time. Because you can see everything that the technician is doing and because you have the ultimate power to cut off access at any time, it is safer to use remote access than it would be to drop your computer off for repair.
Do you save my information on your servers?
We do not save your information on our computers or servers. Even your payment methods are securely handled via a credit card processing company.
Do you need my passwords?
We generally prefer for you to enter your own passwords. If we need to enter a password for you, we will never save it.
What information will you be able to see?
We will look only for information relevant to your technical issue. You will be able to see every place we look and can choose to end our access at any time if you become uncomfortable for any reason.
Company & Employees
Where are your technicians located?
Our technicians are 100% based in the US. All of our technicians are currently based out of our Sacramento, California headquarters, and we have future plans to add additional service centers in other areas of the US. None of our technicians are outsourced to other companies or countries.
Are you hiring?
We are often hiring as our company grows. Please visit our Careers page to view open opportunities.
Billing & Subscriptions
How much does your service cost?
We have several levels of service for you to choose from to best suit your individual needs. To review the available plans, please take a look at our Pricing & Plans page or feel free to contact us with questions.
Can I pay as I go or do I need a subscription?
We have several levels of service including both pay-as-you-go options as well as subscriptions. To review the available plans, please take a look at our Pricing & Plans page or feel free to contact us with questions.
Can I cancel a subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you have a monthly subscription and cancel during the month, the cancelation will take effect at the end of that month and you can continue to use the service for the rest of the current month. Please contact us with additional questions.
Do you offer gift subscriptions?
Yes! The benefit of our service is that it can help remove the burden of helping a less compter-saavy relative or a student who needs support for distance-learning with their issues. During checkout, please (something about how this would work.)
General Questions
Are you licensed and bonded?
The company and our employees are licensed and bonded through the state in which they are located. All of our emplyess work directly for us, ensuring they comply with our standards of excellence.
Have you been accredited by any agencies?
We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have many accolades and testimonials for your review. Please visit our Testimonials page for more information.

Tips and Tricks for Protecting Yourself During Remote Support

Stay safe online! These tips and tricks can help ensure your privacy during remote support sessions.

  • Close any windows with sensitive information before sharing your screen. Because the tech will be able to see all open windows on your screen, it is best to close any windows that have information you would rather not share. This includes things like password info documents or applications, browser windows with sensitive or private content, or financial information.
  • Use the “Pause/Break” function if you need to look at sensitive documents. If you use a password application or document to track passwords and need to consult it during the session, you can use the “Pause/Break” button to stop screen sharing temporarily.
  • Make sure you know how to exit the session. As you begin the session, ask your technician to explain how to end the session whenever you want.