Our Service Areas

Tinker.Help provides a wide range of services for PCs and MAC computers.

Virus & Malware Removal

Remove dangerous bugs and get your PC back in tip-top order

Email Set Up & Support

Set up new email accounts or get help on your existing accounts

MS Office Suite Set Up & Repair

Ensure your valuable Office software is working perfectly

New PC Set Up

Start your new computer out on the right foot with professional set up

Privacy & Security Set Up

Create the peace of mind from having a secure and safe PC

PC Health Check Up & Tune Up

Run diagnostics and maximize your PC's performance

Password Recovery

Get help finding and recovering your passwords

Application Settings & Repair

Make sure your apps and software are optimized

Computer Tutorials

Learn key skills, allowing you to better understand your computer

Expert Tech Q & A

Get your questions answered by experts, from the privacy of your home

Accidentally Deleted File Recovery *

In some cases, we can help you recover deleted files

PC Build Tutorials *

Learn to build your perfect PC from scratch

* May incur additional fees

Protecting Your Privacy

Remote computer repair is just as safe as in-person computer repair and can be considered even safer because:

  • You don’t need to drop off your machine at a store repair store
  • You don't need to let a stranger into your home
  • You will see everything our techs do in real-time
  • You can end the session whenever you want

Socially-Distant Service

Tinker.Help provides a wide range of services for PCs and MAC computers and your saftey is a priority. By using our efficient, remote computer help service, we can help ensure the safety of your family because:

Our technicians do not need to visit your home

Our technicians work from our US-based office and help you using an internet connection and will not require access to your home.

There is no face-to-face contact

By helping you solve your problems remotely, there is no face-to-face contact required, limiting your exposure to unknown elements.