Solving Your Trickiest Tech Challenges

Tinker can help you solve your trickiest in-home computer repair issues through our unique, socially-distant remote computer support

Create A Perfect Distance Learning Environment

We provide remote computer support for your student's distance learning set up, maximizing their productivity and saving your sanity

Our Approach: Personal, Socially-Distant and Focused on your Privacy

Technology needs don't stop, even when in-person visits are difficult and we are 100% committed to solving your problems using our advanced, virtual platform. We provide the traditional in home computer repair services - we just do it remotely!

Safe & Distant

Knowledgeable Online Computer Help

  • Our online computer repair technicians can help you from our US-based call center - over the phone or internet
  • Our technology enables you to share your screen with us if you choose to - we cannot see your system without your permission
  • If you have internet issues, we can walk you through setting up access via your phone to avoid in-person visits

Licensed & Bonded

Committed to Your Privacy

  • We have no access to your credit card info - all payments are done through a trusted, third-party system
  • Any information you provide is never saved to our servers
  • We won't ask you for passwords - our online computer support technicians will help you enter any passwords on your own

Our Simple Online Computer Help Process:

  • Create Account or Login

  • Choose Price Level

  • Connect with Us

  • Problem Solved

How Does Our Remote Computer Support Protect You?

Tinker's remote computer support sessions are highly secure and encrypted. We work in a controlled, monitored environment to ensure you get top-notch, in-home computer repair that's safe and secure. Using the latest in remote session software, each click and keystroke is automatically logged and we monitor these sessions to ensure compliance to our strict quality and security standards.

How Can Our Services Help You?

We provide online computer help to get you up and running in no time and we concentrate on the configuration and software-based services that are ideally suited for no-contact, online computer repair.

Remote Computer Support
and Set-Up

Start out on the right foot with professional software and app set up on your new device

In-Home Computer Repair, Delivered Remotely!

Eliminate computer viruses and malware, recover passwords, and fix software installation bugs

Online Computer Help & Maintenance

A computer check up and tune up will ensure your computer is performing at its optimal level

Comprehensive Ccomputer Use & Repair Tutorials

Our online or video tutorials can help you learn how to set up and maintain your own devices

Online computer support

You're in Good Hands.

We are committed to your safety and security

  • Locally owned and operated
  • 100% US-based support
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Licensed and bonded
  • Your data is never saved on our servers